Two Finger Play

iPhone game development, by a college student with a short attention span

Location: Atlanta, GA, United States

I don't wear shoes. If you see a barefoot kid walking around the Tech campus, say hi.



Been doing some work on landscape support in Mines. I decided that the bar at the bottom used a lot more space than it had to, considering it wasn't even going to include the “menu” button, so I dropped it entirely and moved its contents to the side.

Landscape overlay

Right now it's just the clear/flag button as a translucent overlay. If you scroll to the edge of the board the control's on, it extends a bit so the button doesn't get in the way:

Border thing

For left-handed folk, tilting the device the other way shifts the button to the other side.

Southpaw mode

Things are moving along pretty well overall—I'd like to get the scoring system updated in the next few days, people testing it in the next week, and submission to the Store a week or so after that. Let's see how that goes.

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