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I don't wear shoes. If you see a barefoot kid walking around the Tech campus, say hi.



All right — for now, I give up on the whole Objective-C / PHP character encoding stuff. As it stands, if you enter a name with funky characters in it, the game will warn you:
Name encoding warning
so you can either save your name with its proper diacritics to the local score list or Anglicize it for the global one.

I'm pretty close to done with this version, I think; probably submit it to the App Store in a few days, which means, of course, that you'll see it there sometime around November. I think I'm joking.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You've written an amazing game here. The controls are extremely intuitive.

Can't wait for the global highscore. I've become pretty good in this game and am really interested if I can compete with 40 000 Points.

If you need a beta tester... (^^, just kidding, I've no idea how complicated ad hoc is.)

8/3/08, 3:06 PM  

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