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I've finally gotten started on moving Tris to the official SDK, and it's looking like I have a hell of a lot of work to do. There are, of course, the various relatively minor changes - Core Animation vs. LayerKit, UIFont vs. GSFont, UIButton vs. UIPushButton, -touchesEnded vs. -mouseUp, and so on. Those are pretty straightforward, albeit time-consuming. The main thing that's going to be difficult is moving all my animation code to the new system. Apple made animation... easier, I guess, in the new SDK, but I'd already got a lot of convenience methods together to work with the old animation classes, and I'm not quite sure how long it'll take to swap out the old with the new.

I'm still expecting to get an App Store release out within a week or so of it going live (11th?); it will, of course, be free.

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