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Right. Got the score hashing stuff together a few days ago, and now have it integrated into the game. You get "game over", enter your name, and it submits the score to the server, which checks it out and adds it to the database. The main problem at the moment is that it doesn't know what to do with Unicode characters - a name like "Fran├žois" just gets submitted as "(null)", which is hardly identifying. I'll have to find some way of sanitizing the name, or warning if it can't be uploaded. There's probably some NSString function with a heinously long name that does something like what I'm after.

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Much closer to releasability now — the game saves state between launches. Realized that trying to serialize the board contents was silly when I could just dump them to an array structure in the preferences. Still had a lot of bugs to iron out, but it all works now.

Put together the 512x512 icon, which looks like this:
Tris icon
I love how it came out. Not sure I've got the corner radius right, but I'll figure that out later.

Mmm... what else. Still haven't gotten much more done on the high-score stuff. I'm thinking instead of doing something sensible with standard cryptography stuff (which I don't understand), I'll write my own hashing thing (which I probably don't understand either). Again it's not going to be super-mega-secure, but I don't think it needs to.

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