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So I realize things have been quiet around here for a while. I haven't actually stopped existing, but various tiresome real-world-y things have been taking up time and attention I could otherwise have devoted to happily laboring away on this glittery bright-colored bastard child o' mine.

Anyhow: news. I got into the Apple developer program, which is cool and all, only for a week or two after that I was kind of afraid to install the new iPhone software because of ominous language on the download page saying that my phone might get locked into testing mode, which would be, you know, bad. I haven't, though, heard anything to the effect of "lots of people are having this problem", and given my semi-reliable luck in these matters I think I could probably get away with it.

The trouble is, though, that once I've moved to the new software, nothing I write for it will work in current versions. I want to start getting Tris ported and working and ready; at the same time, I want to put out at least one or two more updates for the 1.1.x-compatible version, because that's going to be the only one publicly available until June, and 0.6, as I've written about before, has plenty of things that need work.

At this rate I might end up maintaining two codebases, nasty though that is - one for 1.1.x, one for 1.2/2.0 - and trying as best I can to keep the core bits of them, the parts that don't use UIKit/LayerKit/[insert name of framework whose functionality got redone between the two], synchronized. Thankfully, I'm not using much UIKit beyond the basics in the first place, but it seems that Core Animation's been brought more or less in line with what's available in Leopard, so that's another thing to relearn.

So, long story short, I've got a lot of work to do any way you look at it — particularly as I'm trying to balance the flush of end-of-semester assignments, some development contract work, and talks about a summer internship with these guys (excited!) — but I hope to get at least something done soon.

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Blogger bret said...

Hey, mahalis! Great blog writing. I just wanted to say that I still completely support your development in what I would consider to be one of the best games out there for the iPhone-- your beautiful Tris.
I'm still chuggin away at it - usually about 20 minutes per game reaching level 16 or 17. I believe my high score is somewhere around 20000 or so... But anyway, I'm totally looking foward to the next release. I also really hope you decide to perhaps design a different game as I'm sure it would be just as asthetically pleasing as Tris is!


4/7/08, 5:11 AM  

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