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I don't wear shoes. If you see a barefoot kid walking around the Tech campus, say hi.



Scratch that last; I wrote a little bit of code to NSString-ify the board's contents for saving, then decided that was boring and started on the global high-score stuff. I'm realizing that there's actually going to have to be some overlap between the two, mainly because of the security/cheating/whatever-ing issues inherent in global score tracking.

I'm committed to keeping Tris as open-source as possible, at least until it's into the SDK; with the full source, though, it'd be trivial for someone to send fake scores to the server. Most likely I'll have an authentication key or something in a private header—the game'll still build without it; it just won't be able to submit high scores. The save-game stuff will need to be encrypted, too, or said hypothetical bad person could just modify that file, restart the game, and inject stuff without even mucking with the code. Should be an interesting challenge.

Many thanks, by the way, to Fredrik Malmquist for his generous donation of hosting for the global-high-score stuff.

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