Two Finger Play

iPhone game development, by a college student with a short attention span

Location: Atlanta, GA, United States

I don't wear shoes. If you see a barefoot kid walking around the Tech campus, say hi.



Finally got some work done. The weird pausing issues are no longer; along with that, a minor interface weirdness—being able to hit "MENU" and get (apparently) the same result as "new game"—has been banished as well. Thanks to laurens.vets for reporting another bug, one I hadn't been aware of: rotating a piece off the bottom of the screen caused a crash. Shame on me for not checking array bounds, and so on. Both issues fixed now; if you'd like the shiny (or at least less be-bugged) new version, feel free to check it out from the SVN and compile it y'self. Now that I've got those out of the way, I'll be starting on the save-game system.

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