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This is a title

And this is some text. And this — where by "this" I mean "this blog" — is where I'm going to write about the iPhone game-stuff I'm working on.

My current main project is "Tris", an open-source Tetris clone designed with a focus on prettiness and simplicity. It's got a Google Code page here; easiest way to get it at the moment is through Installer, but if you really feel like it you can download one of the compiled packages, or, for that matter, compile the whole thing from source, and SCP it onto your phone.

I'm pretty happy with where it is now; the controls are better than they were, if still not perfect, and the game doesn't actually continue past the point at which you can't place any more pieces — not too bad for a 0.5 release. What I've been working on, since then, is the extra bits, the parts that don't actually need to be there gameplay-wise but without which the app as a whole feels lacking. 0.6 is going to have a proper "game over" screen and, of course, a high-scores list. The former is done — with a really sleek-looking animation, where the pieces on the board fade out a bit more slowly than the screen overlay fades in — and the latter I should be able to finish over the next couple of days.

After that... we'll see. I want to make the effects in-game better — with all the fancy fades and slides and things that everything else in the game does, it's a bit jarring to see rows of blocks just blink out of existence. Ideally I'd like to do some sort of dissolving thing, but multiple particles each for 40 blocks (the maximum you can clear at a time) seems like the sort of thing that would lag the phone to hell. Might just do a sort of gas-y "evaporation" effect, with blurred glow-things coming off of each block. Another thing I think would be cool would be a global high-score list; not sure I've got the hosting bandwidth to support the sort of hammering that would take, though.

Got another game concept I'd like to throw out there, and some thoughts on the potential of the App Store. Later.

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